Southscan MRI is located at the South Infirmary / Victoria University Hospital,Cork . Originally known as the Open MRI Centre, the Open Magnet was replaced in 2007 by a state of the art 1.5 Tesla GE Scanner.

What is an MRI Scan? Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses a very powerful magnetic field and radio waves to obtain detailed images of the body.It is particularly suited to investigating problems with the brain, spine and joints, but can be utilized for imaging practically any area of the body.

Southscan MRI is accredited by CHKS, a U.K.based Accreditation Agency.

Southscan MRI
Southscan MRI
Southscan MRI

NIMIS is now operational at Southscan

Download the NIMIS Patient Info Leaflet
Download the Statement of Information Practice
Download the Data Protection Notice

How do I book an appointment?

Referrals are usually sent in by either your GP or Consultant.
Download our Referral Form here.

We will contact you by telephone in the first instance, and if unsuccessful by letter, to arrange a suitable time.

We ask that you attend 30mins before your allocated time to allow for necessary paper work (Safety checklist/Insurance details etc.) to be completed.

Please advise us if you know that you are claustrophobic, or are pregnant.

We can also accept referrals for MRI Breast (Family history screening).

On the day of your scan..

It helps if you dress appropriately i.e. wear comfortable loose clothing without metal zips/buttons.

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Is it safe?

MRI Scanning has been used in medical practice for over 40 years. There are no known serious side effects.

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